1.HSS Twist Drill Bits
  German Standard
DIN338, HSS Twist Drills
,DIN1897, Short Type Drills
DIN340, Long Type Drills
,DIN1869, Long Type Drills
Double Ended Drills
,Hex Shank Drills
Reduced Shank Drills
,DIN345 Taper Shank Drills
,DIN341, Taper Shank Drills
  American Standard
,Jobber Length Drills
,Screw Machine Drills
,Taper Length Drills
,6" 12" & 18" Long Type Drills
,Aircraft Extension Drills
,Double Ended Drills
,Hex Shank Drills
,Three Flats Shank Drills
,Reduced Shank Drills
,ANSI Standard Taper Shank Drills
  HSS twist drill sets
  combination drill sets
   2. Electric Hammer Drill Bits
,SDS-PLUS Shank Drills
,SDS-MAX Shank Drills
,HEX Shank Hammer Drills
, Spline Shank Hammer Drill Bits
,Four Squares Shank Drills
  Hammer Drill Sets.
   3. Masonry Drill Bits
,Single Masonry Drill Bits   Masonry Drill Sets
   4. Wood Drill Bits
,Wood Working Drills
,Wood Flat Drill Bits
,Auger Bits   Wood Drill Sets
   5. Diamond Saw Blades
,Diamond Segments
,Segmented Saw blades
,Continuous Rim Blades
Turbo Saw Blades
Hot-pressed Saw blades
,Brazed Saw blades
Laser Welded Saw Blades
,Tuck Point Blades
Diamond Core Drills
Diamond Cup Wheels
  Diamond saw blades sets
   6. TCT Saw Blades
,for cutting solid wood
,for parallel cut
,cutting artificial board
,for cutting artificial board
,for cutting artificial board
, Low noise for cutting dry soft/hard wood
,Low noise for cutting non-ferrous metal
,Coated anti-kickback dovetail design
,for cutting ferrous metal
,for cutting aluminum material
,for cutting aluminum alloy board /stick
Shim adjustable scoring saw blade
,Adjustable scoring saw blade
,for cutting grass/bush
   7. Bi-Metal Hole Saws
,Bi-metal Hole Saw
,Power Change Hole Saw
,Holesaw With Arbor
Accessories For Hole Saw
,Hole Saw Kits
,VIP Kits (Aluminium Case)
   8. HSS Taps & Dies
,DIN Taps
,ANSI Taps
, Dies
,Stock And Wrenches
,Taps And Dies Sets
   9. Other Tools
, Glass Tile Drills
, HSS Saw Drills
, HSS Tool Bits , Center Drills
, Paint brush
, Paint roller
, Wall brush , Round head brush
1.Individual Polishing & Buffing Wheels. 2.Buffing Tool sets. 3.Wax Series